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Our company was born to serve one purpose: to outperform stock market over the long run, in a world where 80% of actively managed equity funds underperformed benchmarks.
Separately Managed Account (SMA) Structure
An SMA is a portfolio of securities managed by us on clients behalf using our strategies. It enables clients to directly own individual securities in an account, unlike pooled vehicles such as mutual funds. Under SMA structure, all assets are under clients' name.
We use Interactive Brokers as executing broker and custodian to hold clients' assets.
Investing Our Own Money Using Same Strategy with Our Clients
Christmas Corp focuses on equities across the U.S. and Euro Area. We are passionate to serve our clients - managing and growing their assets with the same portfolio strategy of our own investment. We eat what we are cooking!

We focus on long-term performance, neglecting any short-term noises that may compromise our investment returns. Our portfolio managers deeply rely on our analytical research, forecasts, and their own judgment and experience in making investment decisions on what securities to buy and hold.
in 30 years, you will have:
$ 662,117
by having your portfolio managed by us
$ 174,494
by investing in S&P 500

Q3 2020 Newsletter

Dear Clients, since our inception in almost 5 years ago, Christmas Corp has delivered 186.30% cumulative return (gross of management fees) for our clients, far exceeding the S&P500 index, which

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Q1 2021 Newsletter

Approximately a year ago, we rallied our clients and potential clients to add more equity allocation in their portfolio. We reasoned that our stocks had been so cheap and we believe economic recovery

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Q4 2020 Newsletter

On January 13, 2016, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved Christmas Corporation as a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), pursuant to Section 203 of Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Wi

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