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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide discretionary investment management services to individuals and institutions, and we use separately managed account (SMA) structure to manage your investment. Discretionary means that we make all investment decisions for you and review your investment account continuously. As a fiduciary, we are bound to act in the your best interest. Our firm provides fee-based investment services. When you do well, we do well.
Stocks (equities) that are listed in U.S. and Euro Area stock markets.
In mutual fund, your money is pooled with other investors to buy certain stocks and bonds in that portfolio. It means you don’t personally own the stocks. By using SMA, you own the entire assets, and each stock in the portfolio is owned directly by you.
1. A performance-oriented fund management firm with long-term investment horizon.
2. Dare to buy stocks before they became famous in investment world.
3. Invest mostly in innovative companies (including IT, medical tech) and European ultra-luxury producers. We focus on growth and competitive advantages.
4. We eat what we cook. We invest our own assets using the same strategy we use to manage your assets.
5. Become our client and see for yourself!
At this moment, please click here to ask for client invitation. After that, we will send an invitation to your email that will direct you to Interactive Brokers’ client onboarding system. With our invitation, their system will recognize you as Christmas Corp’s client. 
We are currently building our IT system so that future clients can easily register with Interactive Brokers via our website.
For U.S. residents, we charge 1.25% annual management fee, charged on daily basis. For non-U.S. residents, we may charge management fee and/or performance-based fee. Furthermore, you may incur brokerage commissions imposed by Interactive Brokers.
We only require a minimum of USD10,000 for individual clients. 
If you are an institution, send us an email to ivana@christmascorp.com so we can discuss about your investment plan in a comprehensive manner.
Equity (stock) is probably the most liquid investment instruments ever created in human history. Furthermore, with SMA structure, you will have full transparency to the investments in your accounts, as well as the ability to deposit/withdraw funds instantly within one or several business days. However given our long-term investment horizon, we strongly encourage you to have the perspective of a long-term oriented investor. We are investors, not traders, and hope you invest in our strategy with a similar mentality.
Yes, we use Interactive Brokers to custody all clients' assets. We don't hold your assets. 
But if you mean by “safe” is that you have investment result certainty, we have to say that we cannot guarantee any rate of return. We shall disclose that clients carry the potential of losing money. Our past performance is not a guarantee of future result.
In general, we have a long-term investment horizon, means that we seek to buy companies that we can hold for more than 3 years. So we rely on fundamental research and stock valuation to have strong conviction on what stocks to invest. Click here to learn more about our strategies.
No. We don’t do brokerage services and we don’t do financial planning. We can help you to project your future wealth target (such as wealth in retirement) only for the fund you invested in our strategy.
Since your account is under custody of Interactive Brokers, follow this instruction to transfer funds to Interactive Brokers and this instruction to transfer funds out of Interactive Brokers.
No. We made all investment decisions and trades for all clients.
It is really this simple: to outperform the market. How? We believe investing in great companies at reasonable valuations provides superior long-term total return.
We are currently serving U.S. and Indonesia residents. Shoot us an email to investment@christmascorp.com if you are not a U.S. or Indonesia resident, we will check individually on what is required from our side to be able to get you as our client.
Please send an email to investment@christmascorp.com and we’ll be happy to reply.